30cm recycler bong with threaded tube and honeycomb piece

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• Height 30cm

• Comes 14mm bowl and diffused downstem

• Built with high quality borosilicate glass

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Beaker Hookah Smoking Glass Water Pipe (3)

This massive contraption measures 14 inches tall and is equipped with numerous percolators and an extremely lengthy air path that gives your smoke ample time to cool down within the thick borosilicate glass. Each hit begins its journey through an extra tall fixed downstem that leads your smoke into the base of the water pipe where our signature pirate s helm percolator rapidly diffuses your smoke through water.

This unique perc was named after its close resemblance to a ship s steering wheel and features 10 diffuser arms equipped with tiny glass slits that effectively filter each hit right from the start.

Moving upwards, your smoke will be split into three separate (but equal) airpaths. A spiraling coil on the inside of this water pipe has the longest air path and makes for an amazing display while two recycler chambers on the backside are equipped with honeycomb disc percolators for superior cooling power. As you continue to inhale, water from the base will be pulled into these chambers allowing each perc to effectively moisture condition every rip to smooth perfection. This beautiful trifecta meets back up at the very top where the largest recycling chamber gives your smoke its final cooling touch before reaching the angled straight neck mouthpiece. We recommend filling the base of the Microscope Recycler Bong about of the way full to experience the full functionality this water pipe has to offer.

Each of these scientific glass bongs include a 14mm male bowl piece for your herbs, and a premium 14mm quartz banger for tasty low-temp dabs from your concentrates. The fixed downstem is reinforced by a glass connection that secures the base of the joint to the large recycler chamber on top for long-lasting dependability, while a sturdy flared base works to ensure your new investment always sits upright when tabled. The Microscope Recycler Bong is finished off with worked Maria rings lining the fixed downstem and matching teal color accents on the pirates helm percolator, honeycomb percs, flared base, reinforced joint and flared mouthpiece.

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