35cm glass recycler bong

Short Description:

• Height 35cm

• Comes 14mm bowl and diffused downstem

• Built with high quality borosilicate glass

It is composed of multiple accessories, such as threaded tube, honeycomb sheet, beaker, etc., forming a unique recycler bong. Its process is more complicated, so our output is relatively small, but it has always been in short supply.

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Now besides Price, Quality, Service and Lead Time. Shipping also become another critical points. We usually ship glass by sea with pallet to avoid damaging.

In order to minimize your risk. We build our own network and hire a U.S.

local agent to do customs clearance. To assure your goods arrive safe and sound.

If you choose us to carry your shipment. We offer door to door service, incl. tax. For Glass Bongs, We using pallets to pack the cargo to lower shiping damage rate. So all you need to do is wait someone ring you up to inform the cargo now arrive in front of your warehouse.

P.S.: We now applying to join ATA, if we join scessufly, the inland truck delivery status can be tracking.



Q1: What can you buy from us?

A: Glass beaker bongs, glass water pipes, glass percolators, glass handpipes, glass smoking accesorries such as quartz banger, bowl, downstem, carb cap.

Q2: Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A: We are keen in customer service. Any inquiry will be responded within 12 hours. We provide customers with one-stop solutions. We are committed to product research and development and innovation. With international standardized quality control system, our products are all made decently and perfectly.

Q3: How do you ensure that the peoduct will not be damaged during transportation?

A: Our products are packaged in three-layer bubble bags or in individual carton packaging, and each batch of goods is transported using plastic pallets to ensure that there will be no profiteering transportation.

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