• Bubbler Bong: How Do You Use Them?

    Bubbler Bong: How Do You Use Them?

    Bubbler Bong: How Do You Use Them? Another incredible way to enjoy some marijuana… There are just so many ways to consume cannabis nowadays. You can roll a classic joint, light up a spliff, load up a bong, use a chillum or...
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  • How Do Bongs Work?

    How Do Bongs Work?

    How Do Bongs Work? A bong is a water pipe popularly used to consume marijuana. Proponents of the device say it provides a smoother hit and allows for a higher degree of intoxication. Opponents point out that a bong isn’t any better for the lungs than other smo...
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  • For bong, what you have to know…

    Bongs are one of the most common forms of cannabis consumption, especially dried flowers. Also called water pipe, sometimes called billy, bing, binger and other slang terms, bong is so ingrained in cannabis culture that many connoisseurs even named their works, turning originally inanimate object...
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  • First Things First: Bong Types

    Ultimately the shape, size, and height of a glass bong impact its ability to pull smoke through the water chamber and into the tube. Moreover, the diameter of the bowl and stem also dictates the flow of smoke and air. Some popular types of glass bongs include: Percolator Bong: A percolator bong u...
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  • 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Glass Bong

    1 – Inspect for Defects! Always inspect the glass for defects and hairline cracks. Pay special attention to areas next to spirals and joints. Also, don’t automatically go for the largest bong you can find. You can find large bongs for cheap, but you will have mediocre sessions if they are acrylic...
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  • How glass bongs are made?

    Glass bongs are effective and beautiful smoking pieces, which are made using the core techniques of glass blowing.Glass bongs  often feature bright colors, intricate designs,and elaborate decorations. Similarly, many glass bongs come with additional components such as ice catchers and percolators...
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