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Bongs are one of the most common forms of cannabis consumption, especially dried flowers. Also called water pipe, sometimes called billy, bing, binger and other slang terms, bong is so ingrained in cannabis culture that many connoisseurs even named their works, turning originally inanimate objects into their cigarettes. Personality in the circle.
The word “bong” is said to be derived from the Thai word “baung”, which traditionally refers to a round wooden pipe made of bamboo, and also adopts the modern definition of a cylindrical pipe.
Some people trace the history of using water pipes to filter and cool smoke back to the Ming Dynasty in China. Other reports show the history of use in Africa, where tribes would build earthenware pots underground using the same principles behind modern smoking pots. There are even records that in present-day Russia, nomads use ancient smoke guns made of pure gold.
Bongs are also closely related to water pipes, which are water pipes commonly used for smoking flavored tobacco. The hookah uses a hose as a mouthpiece and can be designed to allow multiple people to enjoy the smoke in a bowl at the same time.
Today’s smoking guns can come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is hand-blown from glass by artists who combine science and art to create masterpieces that are both beautiful and practical. However, this is not always the case. Throughout its evolution, the accordion has also been made of materials including hand-carved wood, bamboo, ceramics and even plastic. Many people appreciate MacGyver’s ability to shape almost anything into a pipe, from Coke bottles to watermelons and everything in between.

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The bowl is a bulbous attachment that holds dried hemp flowers and burns. It is usually detachable and can be used as a pull or sliding carburetor.
carb is the abbreviation of carburetor. It is a small hole that allows the user to remove the smoke from the entire pipe cavity to complete the pipe. The most common types of carbohydrates found on glass smoke pots are pull or slide carbohydrates, which are exposed when the bowl is removed.
The lower rod is a small tube that allows smoke to propagate down from the bowl to the bottom, where it then penetrates through the water.
The base is the bottom of the cigarette pot and can take many shapes, depending on the style. Air bubbles or beaker-shaped bases are usually used to create water chambers in which smoke cools when passing through the water.
The tube ends at the mouthpiece, which is a chamber filled with smoke after filtering the water. Other features, such as ice clamps, are usually included in the tube design.
All of these components can take different shapes, colors, and designs, depending on the expected function of the e-cigarette. The lower rod is usually replaced or connected by various percolator designs that can provide more diffusion or separation of smoke as it passes through the water chamber.
Salvager is designed to increase efficiency. The smoke first penetrates through the nozzle percolator at the end of the lower rod. It then passes through the internal reclaimer and recirculates the smoke back for a second diffusion before reaching the cigarette holder.
This smoking gun includes two different styles of percolator. The first is a honeycomb perc, which can recycle smoke into the second perc. It is called Swiss perc because its holes are similar to Swiss cheese and serve to diffuse smoke.
This piece has two separate infiltration chambers, both with inverted shower heads. The smoke passes through the shower head and spreads as it passes through the honeycomb perc between each room.
The main advantage of attracting people to use the smoke gun is that it can cool and filter the smoke through water, and it can provide a smooth suction effect even when a large amount of smoke is inhaled. When comparing the use of pipes with other consumption methods, the advantages may vary.
For those who usually entangle marijuana into their joints, the smoking gun provides cool penetration while maintaining the pungent aroma and flavor produced by marijuana. When comparing the pipe experience with the experience of a standard dry pipe, the result is a smoother touch, less irritation to the throat and lungs and easier than the dry heat of the hand pipe. On the other hand, the bubbler provides the portability of the hand tube and the additional function of water penetration. However, pipes tend to be smoother than bubblers, and they are less troublesome than the smaller parts of the bubbler, which often get clogged or soiled.

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